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Further Mathematics

If your child is a gifted mathematician then Further Mathematics is a course of study you should seriously consider.

To shift from a GCSE level to A Level and then to the Further Maths is a grand thing indeed and not all students are able to prepare for it on their own. Rosemary Butcher is one of the best tutors in London who ensures a painless transition from one level to the next.

Rosemary Butcher is a graduate in Special Mathematics from London University and has been teaching students for many years. She has much experience in dealing with pupils and their problems and increasing their self confidence.

Getting good grades only comes with hard work and good teaching. There are no shortcuts!

From giving some help in particular topics to covering a wider range of problems, she is very experienced in dealing with pupils. She also aims at boosting the self confidence of the students by interacting with the pupil on a one to one basis. Rosemary Butcher specialises in all levels and has an extensive knowledge as well as experience of teaching students from all types of school. She ensures that studying with her, students will surely be able to achieve the grades of which they actually are capable.

She also has the understanding that often, due to lack of confidence, an environment of private tutoring is very beneficial. She makes the concepts very clear to the students so that they have confidence to use them effectively in problem solving.

To find out more about the details of the tuition and other particulars, feel free to contact me at 020743 55301. E-mail:

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