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What is GCSE and why is it so Critical?

General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a qualification in a particular subject normally taken by school students aged 14–16, at a level below the A level. This is equivalent to Scotland’s Standard Grade. Most students will decide to take up more than one subject for the qualification. You can either apply for this internally via any educational institution or externally also. This exam and qualification is offered by UK based examination boards operating throughout the world such as Edexcel International.

These qualifications are used as a basis for higher levels of study or training or in many cases even provide direct entry into employment.There are different tiers in the examinations that lead to different grades.

Here are some of the top benefits of this Curriculum:

Now that you know the importance of this curriculum, you would surely be looking for the best tutor for the same. Well, your search ends here! I have been specialising in this level for many years now and have the experience of giving private tutorials to students preparing for the Maths GCSE.

Getting good grades only comes with hard work and good teaching. There are no shortcuts!

With my extensive experience in tutoring maths to young people, I create a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere so that the pupil can solve all their problems with ease.

Moreover, I have a very detailed knowledge of the GCSE curriculum and much experience in exam preparation and I teach students of both independent and state schools. For any questions, or advice you can contact me on 020743 55301. E-mail:

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